Meet Murphy. We adopted this sweet boy a little over a year and a half ago. I still remember that day… I walked into the Humane Society frustrated with Chris, saying, “No, we do NOT need a dog in an apartment, it’s just not practical! Why are we here??”

But as soon as I saw him with his beautiful brown coat, freckle nose, goofy saggy lips & laid-back demeanor, I just couldn’t leave him there! I have never regretted bringing him home; he is such a sweet, easy dog.

He is truly my baby. I love to spoil him, and I catch a lot of flack about it from my family. But I’m used to it. I have always been in love with my dogs… so are they really that surprised?

Until we are ready for a little baby of our own (waaay down the line), he will do just fine.  He deserves it in my opinion… For the first three weeks when we brought him home, he hid in the closet and under the bed.  He ate very little and had no interest in us or his toys.  So who knows what he experienced before he landed at the Humane Society.  He had also just recovered from heart-worm treatment.  Although he went through a lot, he has become such a happy, loving dog.

Anyway, he is one of my favorite subjects when I play around with the camera, so you can expect to see more of him :)

*This last photo is from the day he got out his stitches… such a happy day! (he had a benign tumor removed recently and it was pretty scary- they told us he might lose control of his bowels!! Luckily, he did great and we have had no issues)

Well, I’m off to prepare for the upcoming week!